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//  As of 2021/22 I will begin teaching at the AMP, the International Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. The Academy stands for a modern, future-oriented curriculum and personal support. I am looking forward to welcome viola/violin students in my new class - applications are open till the beginning of June. Please contact the office for information and check out the schools website


//  Another gift of the summer 2020 was the formation of the wonderful « trio l’apres-midi » with flutist Eric Lamb and harpist Christoph Bielefeld.  Please enjoy our beautiful website and our version of Debussy´s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune //


//  During the first lockdown in the spring of 2020 we started organizing spontaneous pop-up concerts in the church gate of St. Elisabeth, in the 4th district in Vienna. They were so well received by the community that we got some funding and were able to organise around 40 events in the warm season. The same is planned for 2021, with generous support of the district governor Lea Halbwidl, the Otto Mauer Fonds and the community Zur Frohen Botschaft with Priest Gerald Gump. //


//  It´s always a pleasure to return to the Royal College of Music and work with the fabulous students there. 

Please visit for information on my upcoming masterclass on beautiful Island Brač from August 5th - 15th 2020. //





// We performed three concerts in Basel and surroundings, playing the incomparable Brahms g minor and Schumann piano quartets with Shahane Zubarova, Martin Masan and Yotam Baruch.  //


//   PODIUM festival Mödling`s 7th edition was a wonderful success - please visit the website to see some impressions from the last and keep updated on the upcoming edition that will happen from September 24th to 27th 2020  //


See you there in September!


//  A beautiful capture of what I consider one of the highlights of my recent musical endeavours - a premiere of Gia Kancheli’s “Nina Nana per Anna” together with Mihkail Kopelman, Regi Papa, Julian Milkis and Alexander Rudin. It was an experience of making music on the edge of sound, emotions and the realms of the senses - especially in the light of the incomparable beauty of “Rancho la Puerta” in Tecate, Mexico.   //

//  A live recording of our performance of Martinu’s  “Rhapsody Concerto” in Odessa, with Vladimir Fanshil and the Odessa Philharmonic. It was special for us both to perform in the city of our parents and enjoy making music with the artists of this unique city.   //

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